Billion Dollar Breasts

Wired is currently running an article about how stem cells derived from fat cells could be the future of regenerative medicine. The article talks about how experiments with breast reconstruction has lead not only to safe and “permanent” breast augmentation procedures, but also to breakthroughs in rebuilding damaged tissue in more vital organs like the heart and kidneys. Fascinating stuff. However, I think the scientists involved could afford to think a bit bigger, JED-style.

America is fat and our dollar is weak. Let’s kill two birds with one stone; we can harvest the fat from our bellies and thighs and sell it to other countries. In the end, everyone wins. Americans get thinner, their wallets get fatter, and the women of Earth get the bigger busts they’ve always craved. As I understand it, there may be some hurdles to overcome with donor rejection, etc., but  I have full confidence that doctors can figure it out.

Read the full article here and tell me I’m wrong.

One thought on “Billion Dollar Breasts

  1. Beornborg

    You are correct about the demand for fat, but the use is for cosmetics. There is a gang in Peru that abducts people to steal their fat. The going rate is $60k for a gallon. Some doctor’s dispute the claim, but a guy was arrested last year with a container of human fat.


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