Space: The Financial Frontier

I’m sure we’re all reading tweets about the possible existence of life on Rhea, one of Saturn’s moons. Naysayers are already pointing out that the density of oxygen on Rhea isn’t high enough to support life, or that it’s way too cold for life to flourish there. Nothing but negativity, and I can’t stand it. Small minds, doomed to small successes.

Let’s face it – the real story here is that there could be life on Rhea. If there is, and they’re intelligent, Earth just got a hell of a lot more exciting to be on. Up until now, everything we humans made was designed for us: humans. But just imagine the challenge of trying to create something with a non-Earth lifeform in mind. Now every time we launch a product or a business venture, we’ll have to ask ourselves, “Is the Rhean user going to be interested?” It could change every single industry.

-The film studios begin to ask themselves, “Do Rheans, as a people, go to see romantic comedies, or are they more of an action flick crowd? What kind of gross will we see from an Adam Sandler comedy on Rhea?”

-Fashion gurus now have to stop and wonder, “Do Rheans care more about a sexy fall look, or something that will ultimately protect them from the Rhean low temperature of -220 degrees Celsius?”

-Ad agencies must pose the question, “How do we sell an idea to a people who not only don’t speak our language, but have no hearing organs due to the risk of internal exposure to cold that comes with having an auditory canal?”

No doubt there’ll be a lot of exciting networking opportunities out there as well. This, of course, assumes that life on Rhea is intelligent. If it isn’t, I’ve already got a couple of former NASA R&D guys already hard at work on a way to get some more O2 in there, jack up the temperature a little bit, and turn it into a vacation destination. We can get one of those ice hotels they do in Scandinavia up there, make it a luxury thing, and boom, Virgin Planetary’s trying to buy us out inside of five years. And this is just off the top of my head, Jediphiles! As they say, the sky’s the limit.



Scientists are Rock Stars

Frank M. Longo, Stanford; Michael W. Weiner, UCSF; and Eric M. Reiman, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute with Reality TV star and Poison legend Bret Michaels

The latest issue of GQ is showing us the future of science with images like:

the classic rock band Heart beside Nobel laureates Elizabeth Blackburn and Phillip Sharp, equally decked out in rocker fashion. It’s one image from a 6-page spread of rock stars mingling with scientists in the men’s magazine with some 7 million readers, intended to help seal the growing gap between science and the public.

We see the point. And it is a good one. But we are seeing every day the value of interdisciplinary  study in medicine. But GQ – as usual – has missed the larger issue at hand. The reason we haven’t cured cancer, or AIDS, or the common cold is because we have yet to harness the truly creative minds who harbor no fear to our most pressing problems.

Interdisciplinary study is great in medicine but it always happens between scientists. And that is its fatal flaw – too much science to see what is actually going on.  Imagine if Bret Michaels, CC  De Ville, Rikki Rockett, and Bobby Dall of Poison brought their ample creative force to bear on issues like biomimicry for skin replacement in burn victims or reconstructive surgery … they have already started looking at this issue in 1988 in their song “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”

Though its been a while now

I can still feel so much pain

Like a knife that cuts you, the wound heals

But the scar it remains

Why aren’t they, and others, part of the dialogue?!  If we every wonder why we live in a world with so little progress on our biggest medical issues you now know the deal.

So the new season of American Idol is starting with judges Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. After the season is over I suggest that they judge progress on new projects at CERN and the World Health Association just to get things, you know, moving.

That’s all for now guys.


Billion Dollar Breasts

Wired is currently running an article about how stem cells derived from fat cells could be the future of regenerative medicine. The article talks about how experiments with breast reconstruction has lead not only to safe and “permanent” breast augmentation procedures, but also to breakthroughs in rebuilding damaged tissue in more vital organs like the heart and kidneys. Fascinating stuff. However, I think the scientists involved could afford to think a bit bigger, JED-style.

America is fat and our dollar is weak. Let’s kill two birds with one stone; we can harvest the fat from our bellies and thighs and sell it to other countries. In the end, everyone wins. Americans get thinner, their wallets get fatter, and the women of Earth get the bigger busts they’ve always craved. As I understand it, there may be some hurdles to overcome with donor rejection, etc., but  I have full confidence that doctors can figure it out.

Read the full article here and tell me I’m wrong.

Sun Soaker

Lonnie Johnson, the inventor of the Super Soaker water gun may have developed a cheap and effective new solar-power cell. From The Atlantic magazine.

Johnson’s latest JTEC prototype, which looks like a desktop model for a next-generation moonshine still, features two fuel-cell-like stacks, or chambers, filled with hydrogen gas and connected by steel tubes with round pressure gauges. Where a steam engine uses the heat generated by burning coal to create steam pressure and move mechanical elements, the JTEC uses heat (from the sun, for instance) to expand hydrogen atoms in one stack. The expanding atoms, each made up of a proton and an electron, split apart, and the freed electrons travel through an external circuit as electric current, charging a battery or performing some other useful work. Meanwhile the positively charged protons, also known as ions, squeeze through a specially designed proton-exchange membrane (one of the JTEC elements borrowed from fuel cells) and combine with the electrons on the other side, reconstituting the hydrogen, which is compressed and pumped back into the hot stack. As long as heat is supplied, the cycle continues indefinitely.

Sure, but what happens AT NIGHT, Lonnie?

Read the full article here.

JED Talks 2010: Success!

They said it couldn’t be done. Many obstacles and many adversaries were overcome on October 16th. Seven visionaries stood with me in front of a packed house at the Manhattan JCC and proved them wrong. Kurt Braunohler showed us how we can end our addiction to fossil fuels while simultaneously addressing America’s penal-system crisis. Erik Tanouye gave us an exciting glimpse into the future of reading. Cece Lederer dared to question our relationship with online social media. Bob Powers made us wonder if the solution to “carpool-ution” was in our heads … or our hearts. Will Hines made the case that we are exploring space far too timidly. The tight science of Dan Allen finally and definitively tackled the elemental question of nature vs. nurture and homosexuality question. Ali Farahnakian taught us—among other things—that the key to Africa’s salvation lies in theater.

I offer my sincere thanks to all of these intrepid JEDophiles for sharing their thoughts and giving us a much-needed a re-JEDucation. Photos and video of the event will be up on this site very soon. Keep checking back. In the meantime, keep spreading the word about JED and feel free to contact me with your ideas and feedback. Ideas not worth spreading are spreading, now faster than ever. JED Talks 2010 is only the beginning! The videos of the event are being edited and will be rolling out soon.

Yours in blazing ideas,

Jed Concepcion

“Time Out” for JED Talks

Hey folks. Jed Concepcion here.

I’ve been hearing some people saying that JED Talks “isn’t real” or that it’s “some kind of joke.” If that’s true, then tell me this: How did we warrant a mention in this week’s Time Out New York? If JED Talks isn’t legit, then why is one of NYC’s biggest magazines calling us a “thing to do” this weekend? Still don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Time Out New York – Own This City

Actually, don’t listen to me. Don’t even listen to Time Out. Come to the show this Saturday and see for yourself. Ideas not worth spreading are spreading. Get your tickets now before they sell out.

Tickets available through Eventbrite.

JED Talks 2010 Lineup

We promised that JED Talks brings together the most fascinating and fearless thinkers and doers on the planet who promise to give the presentation of their lives. That promise is honored. Today is a critical day in spreading ideas not worth spreading.

Today we announce the speaking docket for JED Talks 2010

Will Hines – The Stepfathers at UCB Theater
Erik Tanouye – UCB Theater star and co-writer of viral video hit “BP Spills Coffee”
Kurt Braunohler – NYC indie comedy legend
Dan Allen – Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Sacapuntas Show
CeCe Lederer, writer at The Colbert Report
Ali Farahnakian, founder of The Peoples Improv Theater
Dave Hill, The Dave Hill Explosion

and via an interfrequency pre-jammer satellite uplink powered by thunder,
Matt Walsh, a founding member of The Upright Citizens Brigade and Wallyvision

Subjects to be covered include a new vision of space travel, a new way of seeing the relevance of oxygen, and a bold new energy future. But that’s all the secrets that we can let out at the moment. You have to attend the JED Talks to experience the slicing that the cutting edge can do—to your mind.

Tickets for JED Talks 2010 are on sale now. Click here to purchase.

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Jed Concepcion